How Solvea Tech differs from the rest table

Seller & Buyer Login

Sellers and buyers have different account types and different management screens. They can log in through the easy user interface.

Order management

Our system supports multiple invoicing for each transaction. According to seller-portal-buyer business relation, the most suitable flow for your business model is configurable.

Performance monitoring

The portal owner or individual sellers can define campaigns and promotions for increasing sales.


The portal supports social media sharing functionalities.


Booking module is also available in the system. Your business can be a rental or reservation portal.


Sales using multiple currencies is available. The system calculates exchange rates automatically.


Portal owners, sellers and buyers have different functions on the order management screens. Our advance order tracking system helps every stakeholder to manage transactions smoothly.

Reviews and Ratings

The system provides detailed and user-friendly reporting tools. In addition to predefined screens, creating custom reports is also possible.


Reviews and ratings for products can be created by the users for each single order.

Social Media Sharing

Configurable notifications to keep you updated.


Elaborate customer care solutions. Built-in case management system helps you and your sellers to solve issues faster.

Vendor registration

Product and sales channel level performance monitoring.


Multiple shipping options are available. Different calculations related to shipping options can be predefined to the system.

Customer Support Solutions

Access more customers with multi-language support. It can be configured as auto-location detection via users IP address.


How you review and onboard your vendors are important. We have an easy-to-use and customizable vendor registration flow.

Multiple Currencies

Calculate and add taxes to sales.

And more...

Many other features to help your marketing efforts and increase sales.

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